Friday, August 10, 2007

OMG!! I can actually sign in!!

Whew!! I know that I can be a really slack blogger guys, but I have been trying to comment and sign in for over a week now with it being a "no go" every time. Talk about FRUSTRATING!!! I had written off any communication with the blogosphere for good until now. I thought maybe blogger had some sort of block or "strike" feature if you had gone too many days without signing in. Nice to see that I'm wrong!

Thanks Andria for checking on gave me the push to try again and HALLELUJAH, I'm here! :)

Another thanks to you girl for my sweet note and gifts!! The cards were a HOOT and the picture frame was so cute! Landon fell in love with it and carried it around for days until I pried it from his sleeping hands. I have it safely stored in a drawer and I'm waiting for the perfect picture to put it in his room.

Things here have been fine, just really, REALLY, excruciatingly HOT. The humidity has been a bear too! Can it reach 600%, because oh my freaking LORD it is sticky out there!

The norm this week has been in the 100's, and today we hit a record 102. Needless to say, we've been hibernating and just trying to stay cool.

The boys are great, everyone is healthy. Landon has not gone on the potty for two days now for some unknown reason. I'm not worried though...he'll start again when he's ready. At least there's no question as to whether he knows what to do or not when the time comes. He DID try to handle a poop all by his lonesome the other day which, albeit noble and pretty damn cool (considering he'll be 2 on the 30th), it was a freakin' MESS when I discovered it. He took off his shorts and his poop-filled diaper and sat on the mini-potty all by his lonesome. I came up from the basement to find my bare-bottomed child running up to me yelling, "Mommy, Mommy!! Poopy!!" and he pointed me to the bathroom. That's one of those parenting moments when you just have to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and hope for the best, ya know?

I was good, I promise.

I praised him through my gritted teeth as I cleaned up the smudges all over the toilet(S) (after going, he of course tried to empty it in to the big potty), his butt, and the 3 brown stains I found on our living room carpet. (This must have been where he proudly plopped after doing his business.) Hopefully the, "Come to Mommy and I'll help you next time", message was received and stored in that constantly ticking brain of his.

Sooooo....that's pretty much it, my friends!! I have checked in on all of you during my absence, and commented numerous times, only to be kicked in the hiney by Blogger. Maybe it will be kinder in the future.

I hope everyone is staying cool and healthy!!! I'm now off to click on the "Publish Post" button...I'm praying this will work!!