Thursday, February 26, 2009

What have we been up to??

I figure that since I am at a loss with words at the moment, I'll just share some pictures for those who might care to look.

Here are the boys at my brother's wedding in Dallas last May. It was a gorgeous day, and despite Colin being sick as a DOG, he walked down the aisle like a champ. Luckily, the car that he puked in was a rental, UN luckily, it occurred within an hour of our arrival in Texas...and we had to drive that car around for the remainder of our trip.

Colin and my niece Kate. The ring bearer and flower girl.

Landon was the unofficial greeter. Here he is at the reception wondering when we get to eat the big cake in the other room.

Landon is now three and a half. The best way to describe my littlest man is....he's a nut. A sweet, crazy, snugly, little, NUT! If he hears music...he. must. move. Some time back in January, he was sick, so we spent the day together. I took him to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants...Fuddruckers. If you've never been...go. Now. One of the best burgers you will ever eat is there. The other thing about the place is that they play great least our local one does. So....Landon...who was sick, decided that he would much rather dance than eat. Here's a sample (please forgive the quality, cell phone is all I have to say!):

Notice that, even once he gets embarrassed and hides...he still can't stop shakin' that booty!! I promise, he did not get his rhythm from me!

Well....I'm getting a little tired, and I figure this way, I am leaving you with a little laugh! A little "something" to catch you guys up is better than nothing at all, right?? More to come when I can!!!

(Hey...that was a few more words than I initially thought I could squeak out!!)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Has it REALLY been a year and a!!

Well, first of all...I'm not dead. The family is okay, in fact, doing really well!!

Life became really, very difficult there for a while. Blogging became something that had to go, because surviving became the priority. More emotionally than anything.

Things are good. REALLY good. I've missed you guys, and I hope to be around a good bit more than I have been....

I hope everyone is doing well.....