Monday, April 30, 2007

No, no, NO!

Ahhhh....the terrible two's.

Has anyone told you that they don't wait until exactly 24 months to begin?

My littlest man. He's officially 20 months today. That's T-W-E-N-T-Y months.

That would be a mere FOUR months away from the big TWO.

His baby-ness is slipping away. The little boy who used to only want Mamma, now chases after his Daddy with his own lawn mower and adores his brother so much that he's Colin's little shadow. *I* feel lost in the shadows a bit.

I know, in the utlimate scheme of things, this is really what I want. I want him to grow up...but it doesn't stop me from missing that little fella who used to be my mommy's boy.

The good news is...he's growing. You may remember that at one of his last well-baby checks, he was only in the fifth percentile for his weight. Well...I think/hope, that he's been putting on a good bit since then. I have a hard time picking him up lately. I'm thinking he's packing on the pounds. Of course, it could be that he wiggles and squiggles like a crazed animal each time I reach for him now.

He has another check-up on Wednesday, so I'll be happy to report back the results then.

He's still talking up a storm. LOADS of words. The most amazing thing is that he's so polite. "taint-too" (thank you), "pees" (please), and "cooz meee" (excuse me) are some of the words he uses most often. NOT as often, however, as "NO!"

That's what I mean by the terrible two's hitting early. Even if he really means "yes"...the answer is currently a strong "no" at first.

That streak of independence. I love it and hate it all at the same time.

Bye-bye my baby, and get ready world!! This guy is going to be one tough cookie...but a heck of a lot of fun!

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Is that not one of the cutest little tushies you've ever seen??

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Where oh where....

Where oh where is my contact lens,

Where oh where could it be????

I went to sleep and left it in,

woke up and now I can't see!


I know what you're thinking. Shut up.

The fact that I had two beers last night and I'm a lightweight have absolutely nothing to do with this.

I have been wearing contacts for 19 years and this has never happened. Yes, I've lost one when I was rubbing my eye or something, but go to sleep with it in and then wake up and it's gone....never.

I keep rubbing my eye to see if it rolled back somewhere, and it's still not appearing.

I guess it's lost for good.

Oh well.

That's an interesting way to start the day.


Anyone ever had one?

The drink, not the actual experience.

It's a mixture of a draft lager (Harp) and cider (woodchuck)...and it's heavenly!!!

Kelly and I got a babysitter tonight (2nd time this week....this is getting expensive!) and went out. There's a new pub called "Sixpence" and it's such a nice place to go. Roof-top seating in the 65 degree weather...a nice breeze blowing and a snake-bite in hand.

This, is my new favorite place.

Ahhhhh....I'm lost in the haze of two of them, and about ready to lay my head on my soft pillow for the night.

I just had to share with the blogosphere...go out and try a snakebite won't regret it!

Monday, April 23, 2007

These....are the days of our lives

All of the sudden, life seems a hell of a lot better. Why is that?

Maybe it's the fact that we're all relatively healthy, maybe my walking/running 2 miles a day is really paying off as far as my mood and energy level. I'm sure a large part of it is the fact that Kelly's work has eased up a bit and he's actually "here".

What do I mean by "here"? Well, when he's home...he's actually participating in the family, talking to us, enjoying us. I wonder if he even knows how removed he becomes when work is weighing on him like it has been?

We went out sans children Saturday night. It was nice. We discussed how difficult the last few months have been for both of us, and I think we're on the same page for now. We both realize how close things came to falling apart...and that's pretty damn scary.

My biggest issue is that 20 years from now, I don't want to look back and wish I had done things differently. Of course, I'm sure there will be things that I wish I could change, but I want us to *live* our life...not just wish it away.

I want to create memories for our boys. Happy, fun, times that they can look back on and and talk about long after we're gone.

I want to create memories for Kelly and me. I mean, shit, we got married first because we loved each other, and had fun together. We didn't say, "yeah, let's get married, have kids and work our asses off so that we can grow apart and never see each other." I can't imagine anyone that wants that.

Part of making those things happen, is planning. This may sound stupid, but we are going to create a family calendar. We're going to plan our days, weeks, months...even YEARS ahead just like Kelly plans at work. THAT way, when it's on the calendar...time is made for that event, and it's a priority.

This is really more for Kelly's benefit than for mine. He's a planning/calendar type of guy. I've realized that, for him to make us part of his, well life...he's got to actually see us there on paper (or the computer screen), scheduled and blocked as something that happens at a certain time and a certain place.

Now...let me just say, this probably makes him sound like a total and complete ass, and that's not what I mean. Kelly is a really good guy, who just has an AMAZING work ethic...almost too good. I know that he loves me, and that he loves the boys. He just gets so totally and completely focused on work during his busy season, that we tend to fall by the wayside. In fact, he's just like his father. He's a much better Dad than his father was...but, he works just as hard as his Dad did.

SOOooooo....hopefully things are on the upswing here. Thanks for bearing with the pity party for a while. I was getting pretty tired of the whiny me too.

So. On the agenda to write about in the next few days:

  • T-ball is FUN!! There is nothing like watching 20 little guys running around that ball field. Half of them have no idea what they are doing, but they have a damn good time doing it. Pictures to come as well.
  • My littlest fella is really growing up. Landon's new favorite word is, "no-no!". "Can Mommy have a kiss?" "NO!" "Can Mommy have a hug?"...."No-NOOOO!" Sigh. I can see how people move on to have more babies, even though that first year is hell. I think my days of hugs and snuggles are dwindling, and I miss my snuggly little guy. OH...and have you SEEN Andria's BEAUTIFUL little girl??? Oh. My. Gosh. It makes my ovaries ache!
  • What is it with my boy and shoes? One of Landon's favorite past-times is going through all of my shoes and wearing them around the house. His favorite pair are blue, pointy-toed heels. Should I be worried??

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm back, and feeling a little better

Thanks to those of you who posted after my pitiful little rant the other day.

I'm feeling a little better. Nothing like a stomach virus to *really* knock you on your a$$ so you can truly see how awful life can be.

Wednesday morning, I started puking around 12:30 am, and I was out for the count the rest of the day. Kelly had absolutely no choice but to stay home and take care of the kids because I was totally worthless. All I could do was lie in bed and moan and every now and again pray to the porcelain goddess.


I wasn't able to eat anything until around 9:00 pm last night, so hey, on the bright side...this has at least helped to jump-start my weight loss program right?

I feel ONE THOUSAND times better today and my outlook is MUCH brighter after having survived the previous night's puke-fest.

Isn't life funny that way?


My "Boy Crazy" friend, is now the proud Momma of a precious little GIRL!!!!

I can only imagine the shock she is feeling as her walls of Hotwheel cars come tumbling down and their "blue" world is slowly inundated with pink.

Enjoy every moment of it! She's going to steal your heart, just like she's going to steal the heart of those big brothers of hers!

I'm so happy for you dear friend!

I can't wait to see pictures and hear her NAME!

Monday, April 16, 2007

If you're in a good mood, you probably want to skip this post

Life sucks.

I hate to be a downer, but this is where I've been for a little while now and just getting it out has to be better than trying to act like everything is okay.

My Husband has been working non-stop for what feels like months now. I feel like a single parent to two wonderful boys...the only good thing in my life as it stands right now.

Eventually, they are going to hate me, because I have been just a raging bitch for the last few weeks. I'm just praying that I don't screw them up too badly because they really are some of the sweetest kids that you'll ever meet.

Kelly and I have gone through this every year of our marriage, but for some reason this year feels so much worse. I don't see him anymore. A "goodbye" in the morning is pretty much all we have anymore. We're not even roommates...roommates see each other more than we do.

I still love him, but I just don't know him anymore. I've tried to be supportive, but all I feel is anger, resentment, and overwhelmingly.....lonely.

It's 10:37pm, and he's still at work. At least I figure he is. I haven't talked to him since around 4:30 when he informed me that he couldn't make it to Colin's t-ball game. Just another let-down in a long list of let-downs.

My effing toe is hurting again, badly. I think I re-injured it the other day when I stubbed it on something. Forget having some time off to take care of myself though...all I do is take care of everyone else.

Yeah. My life sucks.

I guess it'll bounce back eventually. Normally it does, but God knows it sure doesn't feel like it will right now.

I'm off to take a vicodin and drink a beer. At least I can forget about everything for a little while that way.

I'm never letting my boys out of the house without me

I can't believe this.

It seems like every time I turn around, something awful like this is happening.

I can't believe the world that I brought my kids in to.

Friday, April 13, 2007


It's 1:08 am.

Why am I not asleep?

HILARIOUS new show!!

You all need to check it out...Ladies and Gents alike!

There's a little something for everyone in the new ABC show, "Notes From the Underbelly". It previewed tonight at 10pm, and I couldn't stop laughing the enitre hour. If you've even just contemplated procreation, you'll be able to relate.

Here are a few previews. Check it out, you won't be dissapointed!

The joy of post-breastfeeding b00bs:

Faking tequila shots:

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Warning...whining ahead

Why does life have to filled with so many ups and downs? Sometimes I wish that there was just a happy medium that I could set "repeat" to and play it over and over again.

This week is Spring Break..and it has been rough. Both Colin and Landon are sick and on top of that...GRUMPY! In turn, that makes me pretty damn grumpy myself.

Yesterday was pretty much pure hell. It was raining and freaking COLD outside. It reflected my mood to a T though. Landon woke up and ate some breakfast which he proceeded to then throw up all over himself.

Tuesday, I had a Doctor's appointment to x-ray my broken toe again. The joint has healed nicely, but the part underneath that is still broken. I could have told you that by the way it feels. At least I know I won't be stuck with this pain for the rest of my life. It should be healed in about a month or so.

Colin went to the Doc on Friday night and they started treating him for bronchitis, then he still wasn't "right" on Tuesday. I took him back to Urgent Care and now he's on different meds for an ear infection. I took Landon yesterday due to his coughing and vomiting episode, and they seem to think it's just a cold. Too bad we found out that the little girl the boys were talking to was diagnosed with the flu.

See what I mean? It just doesn't get any better.

At least the weather is nicer today. I just don't feel like fighting the kids to get them dressed to go anywhere. It's probably much easier to just stay here and let them beat on each other.

(okay, okay...I'm only HALF kidding!)

Maybe my problem is that I haven't had any caffeine today. Guess I'd better go get some.

Diet Mountian I come!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

"Hey guys!! Free FOOD!!"

I don't think I've ever mentioned the fact that we have tons of stray cats in our neighborhood. I don't know the full story, but I think it goes something like this:

Some woman decided to feed a stray that then had kittens and they have continued a little colony in our neck of the woods (literally). They live in the woods behind our house that our quiet little creek runs through. They would be the ones that have left us our various gifts of dead mice around the yard and driveway.

Try explaining the idea of mouse death, heaven, and eternity to your 4 year old as you toss it's tiny little carcass into the creek.

"Mommy, will he go to heaven?"

"Yes honey"

"But Mommy, the creek doesn't go to heaven, I thought it was way up in the sky...why are you throwing him in there?"

"He's just going to go for a little ride first honey, Jesus will pick him up around that little bend in the creek there."


Yep. I'll probably go to hell for that, but otherwise I would have been stuck answering questions all day and all I wanted to do was get it OUT of the yard before Landon tried to "pet" it.

Oh well.

Kelly has accused me of feeding these stray cats numerous times, but alas, until today, I had never given in to those sweet little meows and sad looks through our side lights at the front door. They even come to the basement door and scratch like they want to come in...the boys kill me when they go and talk to them through the glass. How much more guilty can I feel?

It's torn at my conscience for a while now. I guess maybe because today was Easter Sunday, I must have been in a giving sort of mood. There was a small, skinny, little calico cat sitting on our front stoop and looking in the window. Colin came running to me to let me know about our visitor and then ran back to talk to her through the glass.

My heart broke just a little, so I snuck upstairs and grabbed a cup of cat-food to put outside. (shhhhhh...don't tell my cats because they would FREAK!) I even stuck a little dish of water out there for her and told Colin that it was, "our secret".

Have you ever wondered if cats communicate with each other? Well, I'm here to tell ya that they do.

Little Miss Calico happily gobbled up her dinner and then she went dancing down the street telling all of her buddies that the neighbors had a free buffet goin' on. Before I knew it there was an orange tabby, a snow white cat, and another calico begging on my front stoop. One even went around to the basement door to see if he'd have better luck there.

I guess the secret got out eh?

I wonder if Kelly will suspect that I've fed them?

I think he might.

It's either the buffet line winding around the house or the fact that Colin is running around the house saying, "Mommy, I didn't tell Daddy about our secret", that just might give it away.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Low cost miracle worker

Remember this?

Can you believe that this picture was taken a mere TWO days after that happened?

When they were sitting for the shots, the photographer asked me if I wanted her to try and edit out all of his scratches and I said sure. (These are school pictures people, so my hopes were not all that high!)

THIS is how it turned out. Pretty good I have to say.

There is one picture where his nose looks just a tad "off", but hey, for the cost of, oh..just about *nothing*, I'd say she did an amazing job!

I can't believe these little fellas are mine.

Pretty darn cute I must admit!

Workout update

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

I guess I'll start with the good.

I have walked 4 miles this week on my treadmill (over a 4 day period). One mile Tuesday which was alternating between walking briskly and running, and then power-walking 1.5 miles both Thursday and Today.

The bad news?

My broken toe is not liking my new excercise routine.....not ONE bit.

After my workout on Tuesday, the right side of my foot was aching terribly. I have managed to get around by putting my weight on that side of my foot since I broke my poor toe. I thought that I was pretty much healed, until I did that little trek on the treadmill.

So....I gave myself a day to recover and in the meantime, tested out how much pressure and weight I could comfortably put on my injured appendage. I figured walking quickly would be the way to go.


My toe is now swollen and hurting. Much more so than before I started working out.


This stupid thing better heal quickly. The Doc said 3-4 weeks and today is 4 weeks exactly. I go back in for more x-rays on Tuesday, so I'll see where I stand then. I guess I better hold off on the excercise until then.

I hope this isn't that way it's going to feel for the rest of my life, because that would pretty much suck. I don't need any more excuses NOT to work out.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mother nature has a sense of humor doesn't she?

Here's the forecast for both Saturday and Sunday:

A few clouds. Highs in the low 50s and lows in the low 30s.

Nice. I guess I get to put away those cute, SHORT-sleeve, polo shirts that I bought for the boys for Easter Sunday. I can look at the bright side and assume that I'm lucky that I don't have a girl and I didn't sink a chunk of change into some cute dress that probably cost three times what it took to make it.

I've been so excited that Spring is here and things are blooming! Hopefully they survive the low temps. I've been wanting to do some landscaping and planting at the new house, but this is a good excuse to wait just a little longer.

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late, but I have not been all that inspired to write. It seems like it's a "bug" that's been going around lately (along with the virus that kept Colin home from school yesterday.).

I hope all of you survive the temperature drop and have a great Easter! Stay warm and remember....

"The sun'll come OUT...TOmorrow! Bet your bottom dollar that toMORRow...they'll be sun!"