Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Has it REALLY been a year and a!!

Well, first of all...I'm not dead. The family is okay, in fact, doing really well!!

Life became really, very difficult there for a while. Blogging became something that had to go, because surviving became the priority. More emotionally than anything.

Things are good. REALLY good. I've missed you guys, and I hope to be around a good bit more than I have been....

I hope everyone is doing well.....


andria said...

I have to be honest and say I did google you once hoping to God I didn't find an obituary. I've been worried. Glad things are going well now and that you're back.

We are still using the hotsling and I think of you when we do.

BethGo said...

Oh sweetie. We love you so. You and Andria were my first blogging friends.
I wish I could invite you two over for coffee and muffins and we could gab all day while the kids played.
I'm glad you are back.