Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pools + Footballs = HUH??

WTF is it with kids that want to throw hail marys in the freakin' pool??

I thought this was just an issue at our neighborhood pool and that we would be safe to swim at our leisure here in Fort Lauderdale.

Alas, I was sadly mistaken.

I went through the swimming ritual with the boys yesterday so we could head downstairs and cool off.

Sunscreen on Colin.

Chasing Landon and pinning him down with two handfuls of suncsreen, and then praying that I got most of him covered.

Getting the swimsuits on the boys, and then *finally* getting my suit on and spraying myself down with sunscreen.

It only takes about 45 minutes, so you know I was hoping for at least a *little* longer of an outing after all of that work.

We got downstairs and got Colin's swimmies on. (He thinks that he can swim, by the way, which scares the living hell out of me. He can stand on his tippy toes at our neighborhood pool, and he assumed that he could here. It only took him a few seconds to realize that he *can't* swim after all.)

So, once Colin has on his flotation devices, Landon and I plopped in the pool as well. We like to stay by the stairs so that Landon can walk around and splash at will.

Within a matter of 20 minutes, 5 or 6 boys showed up.....with their damn football.

Within 5 minutes of *that*, they had taken over either end of the pool and were tossing it back and forth.

Now...have any of you been *hit* with a football? They are not soft. Do these kids give a shit about that? Not in the least. Are there any parents around that might remind them of that fact? Nope.

So...me being the kind, nice, lady that I am (snort!), I stepped up and asked them to please be careful. I tagged that phrase with, " I will be very upset if me or one of my boys gets hit."

Within 10 minutes of that statement, I felt a huge ***SPLASH*** right by my head. I turned slowly to see all of the boys pointing to one kid at the far end of the pool.

I calmly stated to all of them, " I don't really care who threw it, you guys are monopolizing the pool. Everyone who would like to swim cannot because they are scared they are going get hit in the head!"

Needless to say, the throwing stopped...for at least the next 15 minutes.

As we walked back up to our room, I watched as a 20'something walked into the pool area.

Towel and, you guessed it, football in arm



andria said...

this is why we don't use our neighborhood pool, it's just too dangerous. Once my kids are old enough to swim well and understand that the pool is off limits, we are getting one. I hate being stuck inside in the summer time.

Have a good vacation.

OneHungMan said...

Boys will be boys...it's in their DNA.