Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Still going strong....

Landon had another successful trip to the potty this morning!! WHOO-HOO!

He is very much a "nudist" and was running around naked this morning like he usually does after a diaper change. He looked down to find that he was going with a loud, "UH-OH!" I said, "Run to the potty Landon...you can do it!"

Here is the result...a happy boy with a full potty, and a happy Mommy because this potty thing seems to be clicking for him.

We're still taking things at his pace. There's no need to put pressure on him since he's not even two yet. It's still exciting to see though!

A few interesting side notes to the potty training saga.

1. He must be totally naked to sit on the potty. (Is this a man thing?)

2. The hat is a requirement as well.

3. It sure helps to have your big brother cheering you on as you go!!


OneHungMan said...

At least he doesn't need to use a whole role of buttwipe when he's done (even if he only peed).

Impressive for his age...keep up the good work.

andria said...

Youre making me feel bad! Adam isn't even close. Two kids in diapers is expensive.

Dana said...

Tucker ALWAYS felt the need to strip down to nothing if he had to poop. AND to make things WAY more difficult, pooping could ONLY be done at home! UGH! Thank GOD he's outgrown that! Way to go Landon. Seems he's on a roll!

BethGo said...

That is so great!
Riley went on the potty on his own today for the first time!!! Yippie!

Isn't it great to almost be out of diapers?

Mike said...

Great job.


andria said...

Haven't heard from you in a while, just checking on you.