Sunday, March 11, 2007

A different child

It's amazing to me how different Colin and Landon are. You would think that being children of the same two parents, growing up in the same household, that they would be very similar. I am shocked every day at how unique and special each of them are.

I don't remember Colin getting in to stuff as a child (I'm sure he did, but I've have 3 years to forget...just call me mother of the year). He was curious, of course, but he wasn't a climber, and if I stepped out of the room for a second, I never really had to worry about what I would find when I returned.

Landon, on the other hand, is VERY much the mischief maker! He climbs on any chair that he can find and if he can reach any of my bags, he will rummage through them, until he finds something that he wants.

Thursday, it was a fortune cookie that I brought home with us from dinner the night before. I was washing some dishes and hear him running up to me saying, "bite! bite! bubble!" (translated: "I want to eat this cookie!!")

Saturday was a different story. I was upstairs trying to finish getting ready while Kelly, Colin, and Landon were in the family room. I hear Colin start yelling, and then the ever infamous words, "Landon...NO SIR!". I ran downstairs thinking maybe Landon had done something to hurt Colin, or had managed to color something that he wasn't supposed to (he ALWAYS manages to get to the crayons. I guess I need to find a better hiding place.).

What I found was pretty surprising.

My beautiful ,18 month old child turned to look up at me with a lovely smile covered in........ ........LIPSTICK!!!

Somehow, he had managed to rummage through my bag and find the tube, take off the top, and create almost the perfect "clown" smile on his face (a little bigger on one side, but hey, for a one year old, I thought that took some talent!).

If ONLY I had thought to get out the camera so I could document this!!!!

Alas, you only get to imagine it. I promise, the reality was a THOUSAND times cuter!

I'm just glad that we discovered it before he managed to make it to the walls!


Mike said...

At least he used lipstick. My 3-year old one time use markers.



andria said...

I have lost so many lipsticks since Adam has been mobile. He loves the stuff. Last week I found him in the vaporub jar smearing it on his lips. At the moment he is covered in red marker from head to toe. He looks like a murder victim.

My kids are so different
as well, makes life interesting.

I like the new blog look.

OneHungMan said...

OneHung doesn't have the "joy" of multiple children (not that he knows about anyway), but he's amazed at how much different YoungHung is between one hour and the next...he can't even comprehend the different personalities between more than one child.