Friday, March 30, 2007

One step forward two puddles back?

I am a boy-mom, just like my friend Andria. (If you have a second, check out her post from today...another JOY of being a boy mom. Sorry girl, I don't know how to get vaporub out of hair..wish I could help!)

I love it. My boys are LOADS of fun. We love to play cars and get dirty. To run around like mad-people and tackle each other with tickles and kisses. It can scare the heck out of me every now and then (take a look at Colin's picture in the previous post for exhibit 1A), but I know that I am, and was always meant to be, a Mom of boys.

There is ONE little side-note to being a boy-mom that really is getting on my nerves lately though.

Landon, of course, is still in diapers. Colin, has been potty trained for over a year now, and I have to say, it's been nice. Pee-pee diapers are no big deal, but boy...when they get to be 18 months and older...those poops are just NA-STY!! ( I have the smell of one of Landon's beckoning me as I type, so I'd better hurry.)


Colin has been self-sufficient for a while now, and it's been great....BUT. (Yes, here comes the but.) Why is it that lately when I go in to the bathroom, I am finding a puddle on the floor in front of the toilet?


Is it all of the sudden out of control? Is there a reason why the floor seems a more appropriate place for your urine verses the perfectly placed toilet that is one inch from where you are standing?

I don't know what to do. I keep reminding him to "PAY ATTENTION!!" when he goes. I make *him* get down on the floor and clean it up thinking that eventually, he will get sick of it....but to no avail. I keep stepping in, or finding puddles at least once a day on my bathroom floor.

So. I am beseeching my fellow boy-moms and boy-dads to HELP me.

How do I RE-teach my 4 year old to pee IN the potty?


andria said...

You know, it just may not be your kid. I find that those puddles (and the stink that goes with it) disappear when dad is away.

I read a funny post about the same thing the other day. I think it was It will give you a little insight as to why it happens. Hysterical.

But just know you are not alone....I have 3 bathrooms and each and every day I have to stoop my pregnant body and wipe down the floors, pot, and walls in each one. Hate it.

Mike said...

Put a target in the bowl. Let him try to "shoot" it.

And have fun. Both of you.