Saturday, March 24, 2007

Game on baby!

We took the plunge.

We bought a treadmill today.

I'm so excited!!! I'm ready to start my workout plan and get RID of the extra "me" that's been hanging around for the last couple of years.

The only issue to overcome is my stupid BROKEN toe! I can't very well walk and run now, but from what the Orthopedic Doc said, I'll be good to go in 3 more weeks. **Edited to add: We would have waited to buy it, but it was on sale for $300 off and the last day to buy it was Saturday. Lest we sound like idiots for buying a treadmill while I'm a cripple.**

Wish me luck. I'll take my inspiration from my friend Onehung who has been shrinking his waistline for a while now.

I know that I won't necessarily make it back to a size 2 and my lowest weight of 109 (I'm only 5" 1' if I'm lucky), but I'll be happy to get back to 125.

I'll keep you guys posted...hehe! (posted...get it?? I crack myself up!)


OneHungMan said...

It seems cardio is the only way to lose weight (well, that and diet). OneHung still walks on his treadmill religiously and this weekend, even YoungHung hopped on, albeit for a much slower walk.

You'll love it, especially as you watch the pounds fall off. Remember, a pound of blugger is roughly 3,500 calories. So keep an eye on that calorie counter.

Mike said...

This is a great investment to your health. Have fun.