Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lovin' life

I just can't express how *much* I love the age that Landon is right now (18 months)! He is talking non-stop, picking up new words every day, and really becoming, well.....Landon.

He's so sweet. He loves to give kisses and is determined that he can do anything and everything that his big brother can do. We put up our new swingset last weekend, and he's already climbing up to the top and sliding down...on his butt! He was hesitant at first and only went down feet first, on his belly, but now he's determined to slide down just like his big brother.

He can point to many of his body parts and is hysterical when he burps. He laughs and looks around to see if anyone heard him. I guess that's just a by-product of growing up in this house...poor kid.

He's turning in to a little neat freak too. (I can assure you that he received those genes from his father.) Any loose piece of paper or trash, he will pick up and walk over to the trash can and throw away. We have a shoe rack in our coat closet downstairs, and as soon as we come home, he takes off his shoes and insists on putting them away. He'll even put mine away for me if I ask! Hopefully this will pay off when he becomes a teenager.

We shall see.

Things that Landon can say are:

Thank you (used in appropriate situations)
Bite (which means anything that he might want to eat)
Bubble (which means candy or something that he *really, REALLY* wants to eat. He learned this from Colin's begging for bubble gum at restaurants and stores from the gum-ball machines.)
Nose (which he LOVES to point to and of course stick his finger IN)
Hot dog
Poopie (nice huh?)
Pee pee
Boobie (which actually means OOBI from the show on Noggin...I'll have loads of fun explaining that one!)

Of course, about half of these words are not necessarily understood by anyone outside of our family. Boobie and poopie are VERY clear, but thank you sounds more like, "tane too" and nose is a bit more like, "nooooo". Translation isn't really a problem when you find his finger halfway up yours, so at least he knows how to get his point across right?

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