Sunday, March 18, 2007

What a difference a week makes!

I return to the blogosphere a broken woman.....

A woman with a broken TOE that is.

I know, I know, the first question that comes to your mind is, "Lori..., now did you *really* break your toe?" The answer to that question (which my Husband DID have the nerve to ask as I writhed and screamed in pain Friday night), is yes. I have x-rays to prove it.

Wanna hear how it happened? I certainly hope so, because I'm going to tell you anyway.

Would you expect anything less??

I was coming downstairs (to get some ice cream no less...guess that wasn't meant to be!) and not paying attention to where I was walking (hmmm, nothing strange there). I thought that I was at the bottom of the steps, but unfortunately, I still had 2 more to go. I fell forward and all of my weight was caught on the ball of my right foot with my big toe planted on the hardwood floor. I continued to fall forward and my big toe just snapped ( I HEARD IT!!!).

Can you just say, "OOOOWWWWWWIIIEEEEEEE!!!!???"

I cried and cussed, and cried and prayed, and cussed some more waiting for the pain to stop but it just never did. I had to hobble BACK upstairs to wake Kelly and inform him that I had broken my stupid toe! I don't think he really believed me (maybe it was the previously mentioned comment that gave me that impression?). He did his best to calm me down, but have any of you ever broken a bone before? Oh. My. Gosh. The pain is pretty unbelievable.

Eventually, I did calm down and at that point we had to figure out how the hell I was going to get to the Doctor. We have no family in town, the boys were sound asleep, and there was no way in HELL I was going to be able to drive myself anywhere. We had to call our babysitter at 11:30 pm and luckily, she came right over. (Can I tell you how *sick* I am that this girl is moving away for Grad school next year?? She's amazing!)

We went to a 24 hour urgent care center that's about 15 minutes away and were in and out in about an hour. Thank God we didn't have to brave the ER...oh the nightmares I've heard about that place!

It turns out I broke my toe right at the top joint. The x-rays actually look like I took a hammer to it because there are cracks all throughout the bone. yikes!!! The Doctor was afraid that I might need surgery b/c of the joint involment, but luckily I didn't (whew!!). I saw an Orthopedic Doctor on Saturday morning, and he said b/c of the way it was broken, there was no way he could do anything. I don't know if that's good or bad, but I'm thankful that I avoided surgery. I have to go back in three weeks for more x-rays, and he said hopefully, I'll be healed in about four.
So, I'm hobbling around in an orthopedic boot (there's no way to cast a big toe and let me tell you how Be-A-UUUUtiful it is!) and my toe/foot is turning some very interesting shades of blue and purple that I've never really seen before. They also gave me crutches, which is laughable being the mother of two small children.

The Orthopedic Doctor asked if he could give me a note for work, but I had to explain to him that my bosses can't read yet, so it would be pointless.

So...that's been my exciting weekend. I'm doing pretty well now. My toe doesn't really hurt unless I put pressure on it, or knock it into a chair leg like I did about 20 minutes ago. The Aleve and Vicodin are helping...a LOT! Especially the Vicodin, gotta love that stuff!


Rebecca said...

My goodness, toes hurt just READING that! Yow!!! I've never broken a toe, so I can't say I know what you're going through; but I DID close the forefinger of my writing hand BENT in the car door once and that break sounds a lot like you describe with your toe. UGH!!! If it feels anything like that - and even if it doesn't - I feel for you!!

Many prayers for a speedy and as pain free as possible recovery!!!

andria said...

Vicodin, sweet vicodin....

It's almost worth having a fourth child just to get that three time refillable scrip. Enjoy that.

On the way to school this morning the radio station was giving John Mayer tickets awat to the person who had the best story about falling over nothing. You would have won hands down, nobody here broke any bones.

BethGo said...

Yikes that's no fun at all. I'm glad you didn't need surgery.
I hope you are being pampered.

Mike said...

Yow. Just reading your post makes me say that. Glad you're feeling OK.