Monday, April 30, 2007

No, no, NO!

Ahhhh....the terrible two's.

Has anyone told you that they don't wait until exactly 24 months to begin?

My littlest man. He's officially 20 months today. That's T-W-E-N-T-Y months.

That would be a mere FOUR months away from the big TWO.

His baby-ness is slipping away. The little boy who used to only want Mamma, now chases after his Daddy with his own lawn mower and adores his brother so much that he's Colin's little shadow. *I* feel lost in the shadows a bit.

I know, in the utlimate scheme of things, this is really what I want. I want him to grow up...but it doesn't stop me from missing that little fella who used to be my mommy's boy.

The good news is...he's growing. You may remember that at one of his last well-baby checks, he was only in the fifth percentile for his weight. Well...I think/hope, that he's been putting on a good bit since then. I have a hard time picking him up lately. I'm thinking he's packing on the pounds. Of course, it could be that he wiggles and squiggles like a crazed animal each time I reach for him now.

He has another check-up on Wednesday, so I'll be happy to report back the results then.

He's still talking up a storm. LOADS of words. The most amazing thing is that he's so polite. "taint-too" (thank you), "pees" (please), and "cooz meee" (excuse me) are some of the words he uses most often. NOT as often, however, as "NO!"

That's what I mean by the terrible two's hitting early. Even if he really means "yes"...the answer is currently a strong "no" at first.

That streak of independence. I love it and hate it all at the same time.

Bye-bye my baby, and get ready world!! This guy is going to be one tough cookie...but a heck of a lot of fun!

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Is that not one of the cutest little tushies you've ever seen??


OneHungMan said...

Nice ass.

YoungHung joined the terrible twos at 18 months, OneHung remembers it well, so the 20 months for your little guy is par for the course.

Sadly, OneHung has been told that they don't end until something like four.

Mike said...

Great pictures. And yes, my 1-year old, too, can be stubborn and keeps saying "No" to almost everything.