Thursday, April 12, 2007

Warning...whining ahead

Why does life have to filled with so many ups and downs? Sometimes I wish that there was just a happy medium that I could set "repeat" to and play it over and over again.

This week is Spring Break..and it has been rough. Both Colin and Landon are sick and on top of that...GRUMPY! In turn, that makes me pretty damn grumpy myself.

Yesterday was pretty much pure hell. It was raining and freaking COLD outside. It reflected my mood to a T though. Landon woke up and ate some breakfast which he proceeded to then throw up all over himself.

Tuesday, I had a Doctor's appointment to x-ray my broken toe again. The joint has healed nicely, but the part underneath that is still broken. I could have told you that by the way it feels. At least I know I won't be stuck with this pain for the rest of my life. It should be healed in about a month or so.

Colin went to the Doc on Friday night and they started treating him for bronchitis, then he still wasn't "right" on Tuesday. I took him back to Urgent Care and now he's on different meds for an ear infection. I took Landon yesterday due to his coughing and vomiting episode, and they seem to think it's just a cold. Too bad we found out that the little girl the boys were talking to was diagnosed with the flu.

See what I mean? It just doesn't get any better.

At least the weather is nicer today. I just don't feel like fighting the kids to get them dressed to go anywhere. It's probably much easier to just stay here and let them beat on each other.

(okay, okay...I'm only HALF kidding!)

Maybe my problem is that I haven't had any caffeine today. Guess I'd better go get some.

Diet Mountian I come!

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