Thursday, April 26, 2007


Anyone ever had one?

The drink, not the actual experience.

It's a mixture of a draft lager (Harp) and cider (woodchuck)...and it's heavenly!!!

Kelly and I got a babysitter tonight (2nd time this week....this is getting expensive!) and went out. There's a new pub called "Sixpence" and it's such a nice place to go. Roof-top seating in the 65 degree weather...a nice breeze blowing and a snake-bite in hand.

This, is my new favorite place.

Ahhhhh....I'm lost in the haze of two of them, and about ready to lay my head on my soft pillow for the night.

I just had to share with the blogosphere...go out and try a snakebite won't regret it!

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andria said...

When we were in college we had snakebites, which were a shot of whiskey in lemon juice.

I do like the woodchucks though, although I cannot drink them anymore, they are too easy to swallow and I end up really sick the next day.

have you ever had a lager and lime? Try one next time.