Friday, August 18, 2006

It's ME again...but now you can SEE me!

I wonder how many times I can introduce myself in one blog?? I think this might be the 3rd time out of 4 this a record in blogland?

So, here I am with my son Landon at the Morten Arboretum in Chicago. Did you think I was a natural blonde? LOL..yep, probably! We were up for a visit with my Dad and Stepmom last week. It was pretty nice, besides being stuck in the house for naps most of the time (NO, not my naps.. THAT would be heaven!) . It was also great because I actually had some adult interaction...imagine that!? At times I forget that it actually exists. It must be why my vocabulary consists mostly of "gooos" and "gaaas", and telling anyone that I need to use the bathroom usually comes out as, "I have to go potty". Nice huh? I'm 33 and, "I have to go to the potty". UGH! My brain is turning to MUSH!

My Dad and SM are working the PGA Golf tourney at Medeina this week. Pretty cool, but it made for an interesting comment from my father. We had this trip planned and the tickets purchased for months now (choosing the week was a collaberation with my Father.) The week before we came up he informed me that he would have to work while we were there. No biggie, he's pretty much a work-a-holic, so I expected that. He went on to inform me that, "He couldn't take 2 weeks off in a row"becuse he was taking the following week off to work the PGA...nice....I'm glad you've got your priorities straight Dad.

There's a WHOLE lotta background on that story. Maybe one day I'll fill you in. I do love my Dad, but it's not because we've got the ideal Father/Daughter relationship. Far from it. He does love the kids and both he and my Stepmom spoil them rotten. Maybe he's trying to make up for his "Dad" years in the "Grandparenting" years. If that's the boys are going to make out like BANDITS!! :)

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