Thursday, August 24, 2006

Prayers for Carole, Joseph, and their family

Okay, so I'm a dork and I don't know how to set up links yet but...please check out Carole's site:

Her unborn son, Joseph, (scheduled for c-section delivery tomorrow morning) has been diagnosed with aRight-sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. Basicly, all of the organs that were to have formed in the lower half of his body during gestation, have formed in his chest. This has severely stunted the growth of his lungs. Ultimately, this means that he cannot breathe to live once he is born. She is going to the hospital tomorrow for what should be (and will be) one of the most joyous occasions of her life, yet with what the Doctors have predicted, it will be horrendous as well......

Carole, I pray for you to have the strength that you need to make it through tomorrow, and the days and weeks to come. I pray that if you feel you cannot go on, that God will hold you up and keep your face looking towards tomorrow. I pray for Joseph. I pray that you have time with him even if it's only minutes (hopefully much longer, God willing), to be able to tell him the things that you have wanted and waited to tell him for nine long months. He will and does know the love that you have for him...he knows that you have been fighting for him his whole life. You are an amazing woman.

God be with you and your family, and with your Angel now, during his flight "home", and forevermore.....

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