Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Christmas of snot and rain

Well, it was a major holiday, and you guessed it. Landon is sick.

Not just a cold sick, but 102 degree fever, I'm crabby as hell, sick.

I have been to three Doctors with him in the last three days (the first of which, I had to threaten his nurse within an inch of her life to get him to see us) and we still can't quite figure out what's going on with him. Strep tests are coming back negative, and his ears/tubes look great, so who the heck knows.

His nose is running like a faucet, he's feverish and clingy, and if you look at him the wrong way, he loses it and throws himself onto the floor crying. It could be the fact that he has 4 molars and one bottom latteral tooth all coming in at the same time, but you know those Doctors all "pooh pooh" the idea that teething causes congestion, fever, and diarrhea (my ass! Well, not mine, Landon's.)

Nothing like getting it all out of the way at once right??

Christmas day was cold and WET. Oh, and I had not been to the grocery store, so the tuna casserole that we had for dinner was just lovely (ick!). Actually, it was pretty tasty, but definitely not my grandmother's famous apple sausage stuffing. I'm pretty sure I was the only one who ate it. Why did I bother even cooking???

The boys loved their gifts. We were up until 12:30am putting everything together, then of course Landon was up around 2:00am, and again at 6:00am for the day. Oh, Momma was not in a jolly mood, let me tell ya!

His favorite is the ball popper. He sits at it and tries to keep the balls from popping out of the top, all the while screaming, "BAAWWWWL, BAWWWWL" By the way, I don't think he would be doing that if it weren't for the tubes in his ears. He's already speaking clearer, and repeating more sounds. Who knows if it's just his stage of development, or the tubes really, but I say the latter. I actually don't care, I'm just glad to HEAR it!

Colin's favorite toy was by far his garage, and shake & go speedway. The garage...well, let's just say that it's pretty much a piece of crap. Kelly broke it in about 5 places just trying to assemble it! It's one of the "Toys R Us" brands, and it had awful instructions and is made from thin, brittle plastic. I guess I shouldn't expect much more for $14.99 huh? Thank God for super glue, or Christmas would have been a bust for poor Colin. I foresee the trash for that in about 4 months. Hey, it's what the kid picked out from the TRU big toy book, so we got it. I wanted Santa to show up with at least one toy he requested.

The speedway is another story. That thing ROCKS! It's sturdy, and easy to assemble (hello, if you can count, you can put the thing together), and even LANDON can race cars on it. Plus, you can even buy Lightning McQueen and The King to race on it. A big plus for my Cars fanatic Colin.

we are now in "pack the house up at fast as you freakin' can" mode so that we can be ready for the movers to come Friday morning. The more we pack ourselves, the faster the move will go. Kelly's done an amazing job with it so far. Thank God I have a disciplined Husband. I've packed up a few things, but not nearly the amount he has so far. I guess the fact that I have a little munchkin following me around emptying my boxes and tossing their contents around the house, may play a little role in it. It could also explain the state of disaster that our house is currently in as well. Hey...it's a good excuse anyway, right?

So, I'm off. I will try to update about the move as soon as we get the computer set up. It will probably be one of the FIRST things we do knowing my Hubby. I'm really hoping that things will go as smoothly as possible. (HA!! I* know* my luck, don't think I'm kidding myself!)

Happy New Year to everyone if I'm gone until then.

I'm so ready to be in my new HOUSE!!! Whoo HOO!

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