Thursday, December 28, 2006

The fat lady

It's so funny to have a 3, almost 4 year old. You never quite know what the day will hold, and it's usually full of LOTS of surprises.

Today was the perfect example.

At lunch, as we walked in to the restaurant, Colin (as usual) had to go to the bathroom. As we scooted past the line of people waiting to place their orders, a rather "large" woman was walking by as well. I touched Colin's shoulder and said, "say excuse me honey" and as we inched over to let her walk by, she said excuse me as well.

She was barely behind us, and Colin says to me in a voice loud enough for her to hear, "Mommy, that is a REALLY FAT lady!!".

I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks, and of course my pace quickened IMMEDIATELY. I rushed Colin back to the restroom and explained as best I could that we don't say things like that. I know that he didn't mean any harm, but I felt so badly for her. I told him that some people can't help being large, and that if she heard him say that, it would have made her sad.

He seemed to understand, so he took care of "business", and we headed out to the restaurant.
As we're walking back to our table he says, "Mommy, that lady must have eaten a BIG lunch!" Oh. My. Gosh. Why is my child fascinated with the fat lady?

I then explained that we have no idea how much she ate, but just because she's "bigger" doesn't mean that she ate that much for lunch.

As we sat down, and I started removing everyone's jacket, Colin came through with the punch-line for the day.

"Mommy, how did she fit through the door to go outside?"

It was all I could do to keep a straight face and try to remain stern in my reply. Inside, I was HOWLING!!

Looks like life is about to get a LOT more interesting.

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OneHungMan said...

Yes, children can be the cause of many a giggle. YoungHung's speech continues to improve everyday and OneHung is actually looking forward to that day when YoungHung says something that makes everyone laugh but the parents and the person the comment was directed at.