Saturday, January 20, 2007

Under Contract Baby!!!!

After only 8 days on the market, we are under contract!!!! We couldn't be happier!!!!

The first offer fell through after we received the second one this morning and informed them of the terms. They didn't want to get in to a bidding war, which I totally understand.

Get this: Full asking price, no contingencies, no closing costs (payed by us anyway), and they are paying CASH, so no worries about whether financing will fall through on their end!!!!!! We close on February 26th barring any unforseen problems. (Dear Lord, please don't let anything happen.)

Whew.....I'm so glad that part is over. Now only one more month, and our lives will be at least a little closer to normal!!

Goodbye little house!! You've been a part of some amazing memories, and wonderful times. Both boys were brought home from the hospital to your welcoming arms. I hope that the family that is buying you create as many happy memories as we did!

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