Friday, January 26, 2007

The Swiffer Standoff

We've been in our house for almost exactly a month now. . We are still not fully unpacked, and even though the other house is under contract, we have a few boxes and large items awaiting their trip to the new house.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned here how much I really like my Swiffer sweep+vac. This thing rocks people! It's a fast and easy way to grab up all of those dust bunnies that end up chasing me around the house on a daily basis. ( Someone please stop me now, I feel I may be morphing in to some cleaning guru, and I promise...I am so far from it!)

Since we've been in the new house, I've had the Swiffer, but for some reason, the CORD to charge the damn thing has disappeared. I've looked, Kelly has looked, even COLIN has searched for it, but to no avail.

I have finally broken down and surrendered to the fact that I need to buy a new one. I can NOT deal with the dust bunnies anymore. They taunt me as I walk around the house, and I come across a new one every time I turn around. I do my best to grab them up and toss them in the trash, but I turn around...and there's another one!

Kelly has been begging me not to buy one, because he just KNOWS that he can find the cord. He swears up and down that he KNOWS he packed it in a box where there are some cleaning supplies, even though we've looked through every single one.

Well, babe, I hate to break it to you, but.....I did it. I broke down under the pressure of the taunting, teasing, dust-balls. I bought one.

We are no longer under the attack of the dust bunnies.

I promise you'll appreciate it one day.


OneHungMan said...

How much is that thing? OneHung is always interested in purchasing things to make his days as a wife a little easier. As much as he loves to vacuum, sometimes it's just easier to leave the damn vacuum in the closet.

However, if he had one of these things...

Lori said...

I paid $29.95 at Target. They are great...SO much easier to use than a vacuum, and works better than our "piece" I would say! :)

OneHungMan said...

Just saw your picture on your profile...what a handsome little boy.

Mike said...

We use the Swiffer Vac, too. My wife and I love it. So does my 3-year old, who forever nag you with, "Can I Swiffer, can I swiffer?" till you say yes.


Anonymous said...

I found the cord!!! Now, I'm the one (of course) that has to take the "new" one back to Target. I hate paying $30 for something we already have. - Lori's Hubby