Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's official...we have another child in the house

His name is William.

I have no idea what he looks like, but he wears the same size and style clothes as Colin, and he is going to turn 4 on the 8th of January as well.

He joined us for lunch today.

I had to put his shoes on him, put on and zip up his jacket, and buckle him in to the seat of the car.

I had to tell Landon to stop "touching him" in the car, and then explain to Colin that William didn't mind if Landon did when he wouldn't stop.

Yes, William is Colin's new imaginary friend.

Thank God the guy behind the counter at Panera Bread understood this when we ordered his "imaginary cinnamon crunch bagel" for him at lunch today.

Colin was absolutely thrilled when he placed it on the plate along with his blueberry muffin. He was even kind enough to use tissue paper so as not to transfer imaginary germs to William's food.

Just when I've given up on the world, I'm surprised at the kindness of strangers who seem to "get" that you're only a child once.

Thank you Panera Bread made my kid's day.


Melissa said...

That has got to be one of the sweetest stories I've heard (read) in a long time. Thanks for sharing!
I hope Colin and William have many fun adventures together!

andria said...

Jacob has never had an imaginary friend, but William sounds fun. How cool of the Panera guy to do that. I have run across so many people who are so rude to me and my kids that it's nice to hear of someone being genuinely kind. Makes me want to go to Panera.

OneHungMan said...

That's great. Is William potty trained? If so, can he some stay at the Hung's house for a while?

Gina said...

How wonderful for the Panera guy to do that. I seriously think you need to tell their corporate HQ that. Seriously!