Friday, January 19, 2007

Let's see if I can finish something that I start... I am, crawling out from the hole that I fell in to.

What have I been up to? Well, for starters, pretty much being a single Mom to my two handsome boys. I love them dearly, but let me tell ya, the single Mom gig is 1000 times worse than anyone cracks it up to be.

I *should* be used to this after six years of marriage to my CPA Husband, yet every year it smacks me in the face harder than the last. Probably due to the demands of our ever growing, ever demanding, little men. Of course, this year we just had to go and top it off with a move to a new house, improvements to the last along with selling it, and most of the crap that goes along with it is on my plate.

Enough whining??

Yep, I thought so too.

The good news? Well, the GREAT news is that the old house is finished and CLEAN. We listed it a week ago, and as of tomorrow we will have had 9 showings, and two offers on the table. It's been absolutely crazy!!!

The first offer is still in negotiation. I feel for the folks because they have a lease that doesn't end until June, but I hate to break it to's not up to us to finance OUR home for them, until they can get out of it (they wanted to close May 1st!). They're willing to pay a nice amount for the house, but not enough to make up for the house payments and utilities through May. At least not yet. We're waiting on their counter offer in repsonse to our counter offer. (Can I say counter offer again?) Still, with all of the attention it seems to be getting, I dont think we're going to give in on the close date. We need it under contract and sold ASAP.

We're very blessed to be in this situation, because it could have been SO much worse. We really just need someone to make an offer where we close by the end of February, if not sooner. We'll see what our second offer holds tomorrow morning...hopefully a LOT more dinero and a closer close date. I'm keepin' my fingers crossed.

The boys are doing great. Colin has added another imaginary friend to his entourage, and they go with us everywhere. William is the first, and then our second is "Wazdrowz". Don't ask me WHERE in the world he came up with that name. That kid is a trip!

We also held his birthday party last Saturday and it was a hit. You can NOT beat an indoor, bounce house, play party. Top it off with a PW's ice-cream cake, and it rocked.

Landon is a cute as ever, but the poor child's schedule is totally screwed up. He hasn't been to bed before 8:30 in a week or two, and each night and nap holds at least a 10 minute bout of screeching at the top of lungs in protest. I guess that's just what happens when we try to keep him up to see his Daddy. I don't know which is worse. Going a week at a time without seeing his father, or crying a little before bedtime. I guess maybe he can tell me what he thinks in one of our future therapy sessions since I'm sure one of the two are bound to cause him major trauma right?

Kelly and I were finally able to break in the new pool table last night.

Get your mind out of the gutter folks! We played pool...although I'm SURE Kelly wishes it was the alternative! It's nice to have, and it was really great to actually have some quality adult time with my Husband....finally. Nothing like being a "busy season" widow.

The boys and I also attended a funeral of an 18 year old girl on Tuesday. We used to attend church with her and her mother. She was the first young lady that I ever trusted to babysit Colin. (Landon wasn't born yet.) I'm still in shock. It was heartbreaking to get the news and I don't know that I will ever get the look of her mother's face out of my mind. We don't know exactly what happened. She was at the beach with friends, and they say she went to sleep, and just never woke up. There's a suspicion that drugs may have been involved, but we may never really know the answer to that. Even though she may have gotten mixed up in some pretty bad stuff recently, she was still a beautiful soul. She always had a smile on her face, and she loved kids...especially Colin, and he loved her. It's still really hard to believe that we'll never see her again, and it wasn't easy explaining to Colin what happened.

So, that's been my crazy life in a nutshell.

Just to give you an idea of how frazzled and brain-fried I've been lately, here's how I ended our evening.

As I was getting Landon ready for bed, probably thirty minutes after we got home from dinner with Kelly (yep, he's back at work tonight), I heard a LOUD knock on our front door. It was 9:00pm, and we know NO ONE in the neighborhood. I peeked out of Landon's room and down to the front door, and I heard barking and growling. In the dark, I could see a young man struggling to hold on to his big, black, dog. I cracked open the door, and he explained that as he was walking his dog, he noticed something strange about my car in the driveway.

I had left the stupid driver's side door WIDE open. Yep. I'm an idiot. Either that, or I desperately need a vacation.

Thank God for kind neighbors. Even though he did scare the crap out of me!

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