Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The ever expanding imaginary world of Colin

I just had to toss this picture in today for two reasons.

1. I can't believe Colin was ever that little.

2. I wish it were that warm and we were back at the BEACH!! It's freakin' 38 degrees here now, and that's the *high* for today.

I know...waa, waa, from all of you northerners dealing with snow and colder temps, but South Carolina is just NOT supposed to be this cold.

I wish I could take up OneHung on partnering in his investment property in Florida! We would head down there this weekend!

If you're a regular reader (yep...all 6 of ya!), you'll recall our new family editions thanks to Colin's highly active imagination.

It all started with William, and he has since added Wazdrowz and Awusu. (Don't ask me where he gets the names...I'm shocked every time I hear a new one.) They are his imaginary brothers and they go with us everywhere. We even had to order lunch for William on one occasion.

Well...the imaginary "friend" saga has now expanded to pets. Colin informed me today that he told his teacher, Ms. Emily, that he had a turtle named "Shotters" at home. (Thank goodness he didn't say shitters!! That would have gone over REALLY well at his Christian pre-school huh?)

Supposedly, Shotters lives in a bowl in his room, where he likes to swim in the water. There is a tree in the bowl that he does *not* run in to, and Colin feeds him turtle food. I'm glad *I* don't have to feed him!

Hey...this is a heck of a lot better than cleaning out a litter box!

Maybe we could move on to imaginary cats to replace the two real ones that we already have???

Just KIDDING Sammy and Uno!!!!

Sort of....


OneHungMan said...

OneHung is totally digging Colin's beachware. That outfit is bitchin'.

Gina said...

I remember that picture of Colin! What a cutie he was!

I'm laughing at all the imaginary playmates he has!! We're imaginary-friend-free -- though E will occasionally go into her room and carry on a conversation with the Zac Effron poster hanging over her bed! ROFL I'm not super concerned about it because I never had imaginary friends, either.