Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Nope. Not the fun kind.

That is if you consider doing the limbo fun anyway.

I am stuck in limbo, and I lack the motivation to get my ass out of it.

I promised to update on the move and the house, and I have yet to do so.

Here goes, better late than never right?

We're here. It's great! I absolutely love my new house and all of the room that it provides us. I just wish that some other poor sap could come and unpack the 20 or so boxes of junk that I just don't feel like messing with. You know those things that you shove in drawers and under the sink? All of that junk that you just don't feel that you can part with at that time, but really don't need to keep? Yeah...that's what I have left to unpack and go through.

I have four boxes in the family room. Eleven boxes in the living room/play room/("box" room). Two in our bedroom, and probably about three in the garage.

Mind you, this does NOT count the piles of crap that are still hanging out at the old house. Those consist of bottles of various cleaning supplies (hehe, think I've done much cleaning in the new house??), two wedding dresses (one used at the wedding to my Dear Hubby and the other bought in a moment of insanity at the age of twenty, whew...glad I dodged *that* bullet!), and various toys that will hopefully only make it as far as our local Goodwill drop-off . Hell, if the boys have made it this long without them, then some other needy child should have them. Colin and Landon are NOT lacking anything on the toy front.

The old house is currently receiving some TLC by way of a couple of coats of paint on the interior, the screened porch being pressure washed, and some steps being re-carpeted (thanks to our loving "un-declawed" kitties. Yes honey, we should have had that done years ago...I know.). We should be able to have it on the market by Monday of next week...thank GOD!

So. Here I am. Stuck in limbo, but really, it's not that bad.

I just keep telling myself, "one thing at a time", and so far it's going pretty well. I only had one near break-down when I found out that the idiots at Bank of Amer*ca had decided to put a hold on a $550 check we received from the closing. You know, we're really rich enough that that much money doesn't matter right? Take it, keep it! We don't need that for anything important. Maybe groceries, diapers, or to pay the electric bill for ONE of our freaking houses. Nothing much you "effing idiots" (hmm...I didn't realize I was holding on to this much hostility. I also hope you can sense the DRIPPING sarcasm here). I called to find out what the hold was for, and went through all of the hoops on the phone while they verified that I was who I said I was, and then they wouldn't speak to me about it. My name is not listed on the savings account that we tried to deposit the funds in to. God forbid I was someone trying to take money from an account that wasn't mine right??? Good to know that they're keeping up those tight security standards.

The poor girl who answered the phone was polite enough to listen to me cuss B of A for a good 5 minutes. I hate that I did that though, because I've worked in customer service before, so I know what that is like. I felt a lot better afterwards though. Sometimes you just have to let the bitch out, know what I mean?

Kelly is working a LOT now due to busy season, but luckily the new house has cut about 15 minutes off of his commute time, so that helps the tiniest of bits. He at least gets to see the kids for a little while before they go to bed. It helps that their routine and bed time was shot to hell during the move, so they're both up a LOT later than I would prefer these last few weeks.

So. I'm off to unpack some boxes.

Maybe I'll just check out ONE more blog before that (wink, wink).

Nothing better than a little procrastination baby!


BethGo said...

Congrats on the move. You'll be ok. you just need a moment to catch your breath.
Hope everything else is going well.

andria said...

I really want to move, but that's the part I dread the most, especially with kids. The last time I moved I was childless and jobless so it wasn't too bad, but it still took me an entire month to put everythingin its place. I can't even imagine. At least you can have a beer. I refuse to move until I can have beer.

Lori said...

Andria, Oh was VERY different with children, and beer *really* does help! :)

I hope you guys find the perfect place soon!!!

OneHungMan said...

OneHung suggests leaving everything in boxes, that way if you move again, you'll be mostly done before you even started.