Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Did anyone happen to catch this show last night on Fox?

At first I pshaww'ed it too, but, can I please tell you HOW hysterical it was? Hysterical because these kids are SMARTER than the adults on the show!

They have a panel of six 5th graders that answer the same questions given to the adults. The contestants are able to get help from the kids (similar to the life-lines on Millionare) if they need to.

The first contestant was a man with a Bachelors, Masters, AND LAW degree, and he did not answer one question on his own. The questions that he earned money for were answered by the student helpers (I certainly hope that they get a percentage, if not, they're getting ripped off!).

You can visit the website and take a test to see if *you* are smarter than a fifth grader.

I took it.

I will not reveal the results...although, I will reveal that I at least scored higher than the first and second grade level.


I guess I'd better study up before I start helping Colin and Landon with their homework.

What about you?? Are you brave enough to take the test?

If not, at least check out the show. You'll be shocked at how stupid the contestants can look and you can feel.

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