Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fifth Percentile???

I ask you.

Does this look like a child who is lacking nourishment???

Wednesday pretty much sucked.

Nice way to start a post huh?

Landon had his 12 month well baby check yesterday ( a month late due to our lack of insurance coverage b/c of Hubby's recent job change), and all started out routine. I knew that we might be looking at an ear infection because he's been Mr. snotty nose for at least a week now, but I thought that would be the worst news that we would hear.

Needless to say, when Dr. Cook looked at his weight, and checked his position on the growth chart with a concerned look on his face, I started to feel a little anxious. "How are his eating habits?" he asked. Well, "He eats like a horse at pretty much every meal", I responded. SOOoooo, we both were a little surprised that he falls in the FIFTH PERCENTILE for his age group. HUH???? He's also been on a decline for weight since he was 9 months old. He's gone from averaging in the 50th percentile for weight to the 25th at 9 months and then 5th percentile at 13 months.

So, he would like to see us back in 6 weeks to do a weight check.

I'm at a loss. What do I do to help my child gain weight, when he already eats as much as he possibly can at every meal? He LOVES his fruits and veggies too, so he's also not just eating crap.

The Doctor's suggestion? Make your mashed potatoes with real butter. WTF???

Don't get me wrong...I LOVE Dr. Cook, but that really doesn't give me that much to go on here.

My fear is that there is something else going on. What if something is seriously wrong with my baby? I guess I'll just do my best not to "go there" for now.

I've started a food diary for him, and I'm going to give him as many opportunities as I can to eat each and every day. I can't force feed the child though...My gosh! I KNOW the one thing that we're missing is milk. My child will not TOUCH the stuff! I've tried strawberry, chocolate, and now we're trying the drinkable yogurt from YoBaby, but still no luck. Maybe we'll just go to ice-cream? My goodness...he could use the fat and calories right?

If anyone out there in the blog world has any suggestions...I'm up for them. I just want my baby to be healthy and I'll do everything I can to make sure that he is. Any prayers would be appreciated too.

I know that I've done everything that I can possibly do, as BEST as I can do it, up to this point, but the Mommy guilt is killing me....


Melissa said...

((HUGS)) Lori...I know this is easier said than done, but please try not to worry! I will be keeping you and Landon in my thoughts...I hope he is ok!
I don't have any suggestions, but instead of going straight to ice cream, have you tried regular ol' yogurt? Instead of the drinkable kind? Maybe the extra fat and calories will help? Other than that I am at a loss.
I really do hope he is ok, just one of the lucky ones with a quick metabolism.

Anonymous said...

Katherine did that. Feed him more snacks (healthy ones, of course). And give him Pediasure.

He's probably fine - they do experience a decline in weight gain from 6 months to a year - but from 50th to 5th is a big drop. So I can see why he's concerned.

iV has a Failure to Thrive board and some of the moms there might have some ideas of ways to bulk him up, too. Not that he's FTT - but just check 'em out for the ideas. :)

I'll keep checking on him and you, Mama!

Lori said...

Thanks so much Meliss and Gina....this is really freaking me out!!

Melissa, thanks for the suggestion He does eat yogurt, thank GOODNESS! :) I try to give it to him at least once a day, but there's only so much he'll eat until he gets sick of it. LOL..I guess I would too.

Gina, That's a good idea about checking the FTT board. I'll do that. I that an infant thing, or can it happen to a 13 month old? I'm going to try the pediasure, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he'll like that about the same as he likes milk. It's worth a shot though! :)

andria said...

Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it at all. Adam has not hit the chart at all since he was 3 months old. At 21 months, he weighs 20 pounds even. He still wears size 2 diapers and just now can wear 12 month clothes. I skipped the 18 month appt. because I knew the ped. would be all anal about his weight and the fact that he does not talk much, but I can look at my kid and see that he is strong and healthy and growing. I think drs. like to cover themselves to much and they also like to make more money. All kids are different, some are big, some are small, thats just life. Don't sweat it.

OneHungMan said...

OneHung doesn't see anything wrong with Landon (cool name). Kids seem to experience ups and downs with their weight and they probably do so at different times.

The diary is a great idea, but you might want to consider seeing another doctor once just to see if Dr. Cook is on the right page.

Mrs. Hung and I were at odds over a doctor and once we switched, we were amazed at the results. OneHung's suggestion is to see a different doctor from a different office (sometimes different doctors WITHIN the same office won't give you a second opinion). If the doctors concur, continue seeing Dr. Cook.

Like everyone else, OneHung agrees not to worry about it.

BethGo said...

My Riley has the exact same issues. He has an Early Intervention Specialist because of his arm. She gave me a hand out of Calorie-Protein Booster to try. This includes adding powdered milk to puddings, soups, ground meats and veggies.You can also add eggs to casseroles, meat loaf, cooked cereal...
Add Wheat Germ to Cereals and breads.
Sour Cream on potatoes and to dip veggies.
Use Half and Half or Evaporated Milk in baking instead of milk.
Add Carnation Instant Breakfast to milk AND Milk Shakes.
Make gravy for mashed potatoes and meat.

If you want. I can scan the sheet and send it to you.
Hope this helps.

Lori said...

Beth, THANKS! I would love to get a copy of the sheet if you wouldn't mind scanning it in. My email is:

I'm working on getting him to drink milk too. The little stinker just doesn't like it at all. I bet once that gets incorporated fully in to his diet it will help a great deal, in addition to your suggestions. Then I'll just need suggestions on how to take OFF the pounds the rest of the family will put on! LOL! :)

Thanks so much!!! :)