Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's on the Market We Go!

Sorry I've been laying low the last couple of days.I've actually been pretty busy. Visiting with my Father who was in town, cleaning up the house, FEEDING my youngest child at every possible opportunity, and then writing every bite down in his food diary. Ugh....poor little kid. He's going to have nightmares of his Momma chasing him around with a spoonful of something for the rest of his life!

He's still eating just fine. I've basicly resigned myself to feeding him his 3 meals a day, and then aiming for two more snacks on top of that. I usually am able to get one in. I honestly think he'd rather sleep than eat....so maybe that's where our problem is. It's 8:48 in the A.M. and he's still snoring away. Maybe he's trying to make up for all of those sleepness nights when he was little?? I'm walking around in a foggy haze due to this cold that I have. YUCK! All the boys had it a week or two ago, so now I guess it's my turn to join in the fun. YIPPEE! (sniff)

We met with a realtor this weekend about selling our home. It went really well and once we get our front porch painted (yeah...small job right??), we will be listing it. I'm not looking forward to chasing my tail and trying to keep up with the wave of destruction that follows my youngest child in this house. In a matter of minutes, he can empty EVERY bottom drawer in the kitchen, pull out 50% of the toys in the toy box and toss them all over the living room, and shred a box of tissues so it looks like it's been snowing indoors. I usually just leave it to clean once the boys go to bed, but I guess that's not possible if we could have potential buyers coming in at any moment.

The house that we had fallen in love with is now under contract...by someone else that is. It sucks royally. I keep trying to tell myself that it, "wasn't meant to be", and that something else we like will come available, but we haven't seen anything yet. So why are we rushing to put our house up for sale you ask? Because the problem with the first one was that we HAD to have our house SOLD to buy it. I can just imagine us selling this one, and then having nowhere to go....

Oh the joys.

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