Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Here is our 2006 visit to Santa.

It's amazing how kids change their idea of him over the years. For Colin, we went from indifference, to being terrified of him, to this year. When he saw him, he RAN into his arms and gave him one of his very best hugs that are normally reserved for Grammy and Daddy. The Santa was really, REALLY, nice about it, and took a great deal of time with him. We were lucky that there was no one behind us in line, I'm sure that helped.

I can't get over how little Landon looks in the picture. He seems so "babyish" in it, but so grown up in person (well, as grown up as a 15 month old can be anyway). He was pretty indifferent to Santa himself...more fascinated with the Christmas tree and decorations around him. I guess next year he'll move to the terrified stage.

Colin looks like he's going to bust with that huge GRIN on his face.

Too funny!


BethGo said...

That is adorable! Congrats on getting a great picture.

Melissa said...

What a great picture! Thanks for sharing. I am glad to hear at least one of the boys had a good time with Santa. And you are probably right, next year Landon will terrified...but after that, just think how excited they BOTH will be to see Santa!!

OneHungMan said...

OneHung thought all pictures of children with Santa were supposed to be of the kids red-faced and screaming while Santa has the look of "isn't it December 26th yet?"

Mike said...

My 3-year old is in the stage when he doesn't like to go near Santa. That's OK, though. He thinks Santa shouldn't just be sitting around in malls. He should be in the North Pole wrapping his gifts.