Monday, November 20, 2006

What Have We Created???

I think we're in for it.

Driving to pre-school this morning, Colin says to me, "Mommy, we need to get new wheels for your car".

I said, "Why do we need new wheels for my car baby?"

"We just do. That car over there has new wheels."

I looked and couldn't see anything.

I then said, "New wheels for cars are usually pretty expensive, maybe you should talk to Daddy and ask him what he thinks about buying something that expensive."

Here it comes......

"I like expensive things Mommy."

Yep, we're definitely in for it.

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andria said...

Yeah, my big kid likes expensive things too. We now have to drive past an new neighborhood being built and starting to see the houses, the million dollar houses, to get to school each day. Every day he tells me why we should live in those houses. Sorry baby, you were put in the wrong family for that. He just doesn't understand why we can't have a big house, it's almost heartbreaking.