Friday, November 10, 2006

Thinking of my friend Jennifer and her daughter Sydney

I just found out that Sydney, who will be 5 next week, has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.


She's okay, and thank GOD for mother's intuition, because that is the only thing that kept something really serious from happening. Jennifer really can't place her finger on what "told" her something was wrong, but she acted on her suspicions and they were proven true.

Sydney's Dad, is diabetic as well, so they used his glucometer to test her sugar on Sunday night, and it was off the scale. Off to the hospital they went. She's now on 4 insulin shots a day, regular blood sugar tests, and of course, a modified diet.

Please just say a prayer for them if you have a moment. I can't imagine how to explain something like this to a little girl who is so...well, so little. She's a sweetheart too, Landon's little "mommy" whenever we're out playing with the neighborhood crew.

Please remember Mommys and Daddys, that little nagging voice that's there in the back of your's there for a reason.

Always follow your gut when it comes to your children.

That's my PSA for the day.


Anonymous said...

I will be thinking of your friend and her daughter! ((HUGS))

My husband is diabetic as well, Type 1 or Juvenile...they really need to change the labels, but I digress. And you better believe I will be watching my child(ren) like a hawk when the time comes.

Good for you friend for following her gut. You can never be too careful.

Fortunately, medical technology has come a looooong way in the treatment of diabetes. My DH has been diabetic for over 6.5 years now (diagnosed at 18) and is doing great, no complications. He also has a cousin, diagnosed at 5, who is in her 30's and just had her 5th child. She is doing great too. So there is a ton of hope. It is a hard lifestyle change, but not quite the tragedy it once was.

I'm sure your friend knows all this though, I just felt it was worth sharing our story. Feel free to pass it along!

BethGo said...

Wow. It's a good thing they were so aware.
I also have a great High School friend with Juvenile Diabetes. He was extremely athletic and very active. He never let his illness get in his way.
Even as an adult, he is still very active and healthy. He even married a dietitian!
My thoughts are with your friend and her daughter.

OneHungMan said...

OneHung will certainly pray for the family. Sydney (spelled the same way) was going to be YoungHung's name had he been a she.

Also, OneHung seconds your PSA. While not as serious as issue, he wishes he had listened to his little voice when the voice told him YoungHung's ENT was a F%(&#$^ idiot.