Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Yellow Wiggle is Leaving?? (Take 2)

I would be remiss not to follow this story to the end, especially considering my very first troll was on account of my "Wiggles conspiracy theory".

Thanks to Catherine for the link to this article.

It actually looks like Greg might be leaving the Wiggles! How sad. Colin has loved them since he was teeny tiny, so I really hate to see this happen. Even though some of the music can be highly annoying and that laugh of Dorothy's can drive you up a kids love it all.

Thanks Greg, for all that you've done to make children all over the world smile, laugh, and dance!! I pray that your Doctors are able to diagnose whatever is happening with you, and restore you to full health and vigor as quickly as possible!!

You will be missed!


OneHungMan said...

OneHung has been wrong on many an occasion, yet that hasn't stopped him from making comments on which he has no knowledge of the subject matter. Having stated that preface and mentioning that he has never seen the Wiggles "perform," he can't help but be reminded on some of the boy bands from the 90s. That Lance guy was gay....who woulda thunk it?

As for being a parent, OneHung has been somewhat blessed as far as child fixations go. YoungHung has not gone through the Barney, Wiggles or Dora stages. He remains a big fan of Blue and her Clues.

Sadly, OHM's day of not having to see some of the awful children's TV of present day may be coming to a screeching halt as YoungHung is starting to enjoy Lazy Town.

Despite all this, OHM is sad about this Wiggles thing because of all the joys these Yahoos have provided to children, and in turn, parents.

Rebecca said...

'Tis a sad day in WiggleTown... :o(

Here's a link to the official press release on The Wiggles' website. There's also a link at the top of the article that takes you to a video message from Greg, explaining his illness and introducing his replacement, Sam Moran.

I know you've already seen Sam in action, Lori, so this is nothing new for you guys...but Rachael certainly liked being able to SEE who was going to take Greg's place and SEE that Greg really is OK, even if he IS sick. KWIM?