Friday, September 15, 2006

Holly Dog Update

Well, we just got the test results back from the vet, and it doesn't look good.

Her white blood cell count is off the charts, which indicates a really serious infection. Her kidney and liver functions are all wacko, so they think that she may be dealing with Leptospirosis. Pretty much, they're calling for more tests to determine if that's what it is, but if it quacks like a duck...normally it is one.

We're leaving for the beach tomorrow (something that's been in the works for 5 or 6 months now and already paid for), but we're going to go ahead and keep her hospitalized and treat her aggressively with antibiotics to fight the infection and give her IV fluids. We'll have the test results back on Saturday for the Leptospirosis. On Monday, we're going to see how she is responding the the meds....and make a decision from there. It's about $150 a night for all of this...not to mention the tests at $100 a pop. Worst case scenario if she's still bad off on's the big E word. It's killing me that we might have to do that, and not be here with her. I'm just so glad that Hubby is supporting us giving her at least some sort of chance.

We went to see her today and hug and love on her. She just lay there and shook. Poor, sweet, thing. I'm going to go back tomorrow and see her before we leave for the beach. I'm just praying that she'll take a turn for the BETTER tonight, so we can at least have some hope for her. We'll see.

I just wish I had all the money in the world to try anything and everything. I hope she knows how much we love her.

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andria said...

That is so sad, I have been there, I have tears thinking about your poor dog. I will pray she gets better, but if not, know that she is going to be with your grandpa and how happy he would be with that.

Try to have a good time at the beach regardless.