Friday, September 29, 2006

Velcro: Good For Clothes, Not for Mommas

The last few days have been, ahem, "challenging" to say the least.

My littlest man, Landon, seems to have hit a patch of, "I must be velcroed to Mommy or I will scream to all bloody living hell so that everyone knows how horrible of a Mother she is", stage.

Not so much fun for Momma, I have to say.

I was looking forward to a morning of "me" time after these last few days of velcro-hell, and lucky me, Colin wakes up with a cough and nose that rivals niagra falls. Poor little guy. Sooooo, pre-school is out of the question for the day. Unlike some mother's at our preschool, we try to keep our germs here (arrgh!...another post!) .

Thanks to a reminder from Andria in her Thursday Thirteen post yesterday (You ROCK girl!), off we went to Target at 9:00 am to pick up the Curious George movie that has just been released. (LOVE that movie by the way, in case some of you other Mommas haven't seen it!)

AH!!! It seems that maybe, just maybe, my luck is changing! It was on sale for $16.99. Soooooo, velcro man got his own little Curious George board book as well.

I am now off to get a much needed shower since Colin is relaxing(hacking his head off) on the couch watching said movie, and Velcro man has released his powerful grip to take his morning nap.

I'll let you all know if my luck really has changed when he wakes up!

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Rebecca said... that you're all clean...

I'll trade you a whole day with the "Niagara Hacker" and "Velcro Boy" for just ONE cleaning session with "Infected Finger Girl!" ;o)

Rachael's bitten one of her nails/cuticles so badly that the finger got infected and is now nearly twice the size of the others. The doctor is trying NOT to have to go the route of lancing it, for my sake, since DH is out of town for a couple days; but we have to clean said finger twice a day and apply anti-biotic ointment and a clean bandage. Every time I even suggest cleaning it, let alone touch it, she screams and cries like I'm sticking her with hot pokers! :o( My poor Bean!

It's getting better - the doctor suggested letting Rachael learn to clean it and do it herself, which helps and she's doing a good job. So, I only hope both of your little men are also better (each in his own way) very soon!!