Saturday, September 23, 2006

Home Safe, Sound, and Sad

Well, we made it home from the beach today. It feels good, but I can tell that some"one" is missing. I just wanted to share a picture of her, so you all could see just how beautiful she was.

I keep waiting to hear the click of her claws on the hardwoods, or hear her whimper to go out. Our bedroom just seems so empty without her lying in the corner under the window.

I know to some people she was just a dog....but to us, she was a member of the family.

I also wanted to just say how impressed I am at the vet that handled her care. We racked up probably around $1000 in total costs for just the few days that she was there, but we have yet to receive a bill...even after being out of town for a full week.

Upon our return home though, in the huge stack of mail that our neighbor gathered for us, we found two cards of condolences from both of the Docs that treated her.

How wonderful is that??


Gonzo Grace said...

My heart is with you. She was beautiful and obviously well loved. Losing a beloved pet is absolutely as hard as losing a beloved friend. She held on for you and you did the most loving thing you could by releasing her. She's with you still and always will be.


Melissa said...

She certainly was a gorgeous dog! My thoughts are still with you and your family. I think it was very thoughtful that the vet sent condolence cards. More people should be that thoughtful when it comes to losing a pet. As every pet lover knows, they are certainly a part of the family. ((HUGS))

andria said...

when we put our dog down, the vet absorbed all the costs, we never received a bill. My parents were with her when she died, my sister and I were at college, and they were so distraught they didn't know what to do with her so the vet even took her out to his farm and buried her there and sent us a pic of the site. When we still lived up there and my husband I got our dog and would take him to see the vet he always would say what a good dog our Baby was and that meant a lot to me. Sounds like you have good vets too.

She was a pretty dog.