Monday, September 25, 2006

Pick up lines at Books A Million

(Colin)....."What's your name"

(Random girl)....."Parker Laney Smith"

(Colin)....."Hi, My name's Colin"

(Colin)....."How old are you?"

(Random girl)....."I'm three"

(Colin)....."Me too"

(Colin)....."Wanna play with this train?"

Random girl then proceeds to flirt with his little I see the future playing out in this episode????

Mommy comment Number 1: Since when did my boy get to be so grown up??

Mommy comment Number 2: Girls are the DEVIL!!!!!!


Melissa said...

LOL...that is hillarious! And cute too! I hope it is not foreshadowing of things to come! ;)

andria said...

Just big guy was stalked last year all through preschool. She mailed him letters, drew him pictures, and told everyone that they were married. He was so oblivious. He eventually got made fun of for playing with a girl and kind of had to be mean to her to shake her, but she wouldn't let up. I have a huge sack full of letters that say things such as Why do you not love me? I do so much for you....dictated to her mom which is scary. I kept them first because I thought it would be fun for him later on but now I keep them for evidence in case she ever comes around later on all crazy like for being dumped by a four year old. FOUR YEARS OLD....couldn't believe it.