Friday, September 08, 2006

I've been "linked" in an article/blog for the Orlando Sentinel!!

How funny!! My little blog. feels like a compliment!

Of course it's terribly sad that as I linked to my post from the article, I discovered that I misspelled the word "Captain" in the title...hmmm....I think that I'll go fix that so that I don't look as stupid as I feel right now.

Check this out.

My "Missing Wiggle Theory" has been discovered!!! Of COURSE, that one is old news now. I've discovered the REAL reason that Greg has been unable to perform.

########Missing Wiggle Theory # 2:

Zardo Zap was invited to perform during the 2005/2006 tour.

A few weeks IN to the tour, Greg and Zardo realize that they are MADLY in love, but are terrified to reveal it to the world. They ran away in her spaceship late one night and returned to her planet to continue their secret love affair.

Murray, Jeff, and Anthony were determined NOT to let their fans down SOoooo, they recruited their friend Sam to fill in for the rest of the tour...secretly hoping that Greg will come to his senses and return home soon.

(***I just wanted to add that I DO know that Greg is not feeling well, and everyone in this household wishes him well and hopes that he is feeling better soon!!!***)


David said...

A wonderfully odd post.

OneHungMan said...

Can't say OneHung is familiar with the Wiggles.

On the one hand, OneHung is a little curious as to what exactly a Wiggle is, but on the other, maybe it's best that he not know.

andria said...

That's awesome!

And I can't believe OneHung does not know what a Wiggle just wait.