Friday, September 01, 2006

I hate it when my "gut" is right, at least on these occasions

Well, I was right. We started off on the wrong foot, and the day has gone downhill from there.

Landon has come down with a fever (103.1) and the poor fella is looking and feeling HORRIBLE! What a crappy birthday present huh? We have a 4:30 Doctor's appointment to check his ears and see if it's the double ear infection he's been fighting for two weeks now. He's been on TWO antibiotics, and if it's still not cleared up, this will mean a shot of antibiotics for him ( I actually requested the shot last time we were in, but the Ped didn't go for it.)

On top of it all, Kelly just started another job and so we are "in between" insurance carriers. Lucky us this visit will be out of pocket just like the first one. Of course, we would pay anything to get our little man better, it just sucks having to deal with it.

I just can't stand seeing that sad little face. I hope he's better soon.

I don't even know if we'll be able to have his birthday party tomorrow.....UGH!!

On a happy note...thanks for saying hello Melissa!! It's nice to know you're stopping by! I check your blog regularly too. I hope you're feeling better and you get to enjoy a NICE relaxing weekend!!

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andria said...

my little guy missed his first birthday, woke up that morning with a high fever. I called all the party goers to inform them all but no one wanted to miss it, so my oldest opened all his gifts, blew out his candles and the other little kids played while the baby slept upstairs. It was just so sad.