Thursday, February 08, 2007

80's Night at our House

So...I've been a good wife the last two nights, and I have actually COOKED dinner! I'm so proud of myself that I could bust!

While I was being so creative and all"home-makey", I decided to take some inspiration from my friend OneHung and turn on our 80's music channel to keep my energy up.

I think I'm going to keep this practice going, because oh how the memories started coming! This turned the most mundane task into one that was pretty fun, and kids think I'm nuts now because of my dancing and singing.

I guess they would have figured that out eventually anyway right?

So, here's my blast from the past!! The Bangles and, "Hazy Shade of Winter".



OneHungMan said...

With the popularity of the internet and XM radio, if OneHung can't listen to 80s music whenever he wants, he simply doesn't listen to music period.

Mike said...

I'm trying to be a good parent too by cooking dinner for the past few nights. I'm proud of myself. Unfortunately, my kids aren't. You see, for the past few nights that I've been cooking dinner, I've been cooking the same dish.


Rebecca said...

Hmmm... Could this maybe mean I'm actually doing something right?? I manage to get dinner on the table most nights - and with a decent variety of home-cooked foods.

It's just the rest of the day I need serious help with... LOL


andria said...

We listen to the 80s channel here all day. Jacob can sing many of the songs. I love that he loves the same songs I did and still do. He is asking for an ipod for his birthday so we can download Our House and Electric Ave.

maybetomorrow said...

I usually listen to an '80's station at should see the stunned looks I get from the social work students (who I swear seem like they are 12) when I squeal in detail when some rockin' tune from my youth comes on - they have no friggin' clue what the song is....can you believe they have no idea who the Psychedelic Furs are...hmph...and kudos on the dinner