Monday, February 12, 2007

The funk

and I don't mean a kind of music.

Colin is sick as a dog, and Landon just recovered from something he had over the weekend. I tried the denial tactic and *insisted* that Landon was only teething and that was causing his fever....but it didn't work.

I picked Colin up from school today and his teacher said he started out the day wired, and then slowly disintigrated in to a puddle of mush. Walking to the car, he could barely keep his eyes open and he absolutely INSISTED that he was not tired, and that he felt fine. We went out to lunch and he proceeded to lie down in the booth with his head on his jacket and pass out. If you know my child, you know that this is unheard of. feel just fine kid.

So, we're home. He's upstairs in bed with a big 'ole dose of motrin in his system and he's watching the Cars movie. Translated into Mommy language, that means he's taking a nap.

I guess I'd better get the clorox out and start wiping everything down. Hopefully this funk will by-pass the grown ups in this house.


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OneHungMan said...

Get ready for the joys and quiet of sick children.