Tuesday, February 27, 2007

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Woo-HOO! We closed on the old house yesterday. It's now official. We are the owners of only ONE home.It was a strange mixture of emotions to sign that little house over to someone else. Happy, because who the hell wants TWO house payments, and just a little sad.

Both of our boys were brought home from the hospital to that house. I still remember the blue balloons and streamers all over when we arrived home with Colin. When Landon came home, Kelly and Colin had decorated the driveway for us. I cried when I saw it, but of course that could have been the post pregnancy, raging hormones.(Don't ask about the socks up to his knees. I didn't dress him that day. I think it was my stepmother.)

The couple who purchased it were a good bit older. For some reason, I pictured a younger couple like ourselves...getting ready to start their family like we had. In fact, they are retirees moving down from New York to get away from the ice and snow. Of course, as you can see, every NOW and then, we get a good snow here. Maybe once every ten years anyway. It's normally melted in 2 or 3 days, even after 17 inches covering the ground. I'm sure they can handle it with all the experience they've had though.

She was a hoot. As soon as she confirmed that we were the sellers, she asked if she could give me a hug, and then she smooched me on the cheek. She reminded me a little of my late Grandmother, so I guess it was alright. She couldn't stop gushing about how much they loved the house and how they couldn't wait to move in. She even pulled out pictures they had taken a month or so ago that she's been carrying around in her purse. She wants us to stop by some time and even come over for a visit. I don't know about that. It might be a little weird, especially considering that she has an affinity for wallpaper...ick! We'll see. We still have friends in the neighborhood, so we'll at least ride by. I'm just glad someone is there who will love it as much as we did. Goodbye little house!


Landon just got his third haircut. It was about time. The poor kid had hair all over the place. She actually used the clippers and really trimmed up the top. My little baby is gone. In his place is a little boy. I know that's really a good thing, but I just can't get over how quickly they grow up. It makes me want another one....ALMOST! Those ten months that Landon didn't sleep through the night even once aren't that far gone for me.


Instead of singing in church this past Sunday, I worked the pre-school room for a girl who hadn't gone to a service for the past 4 weeks. I'm glad she was able to go, but Oh. MY. Gosh. I was about to DIE in there. One of the worst kids was MINE!!! I'm sure he behaves better when I'm not there, but good Lord! I'm just not cut out to be a pre-school teacher. I think they should all be granted saint-hood, because I was ready to strangle a few after about ten minutes in the room. When we got out, a few people mentioned that they missed seeing me up on stage singing. It was a pretty good feeling. I'll be back this Sunday gettin' my groove on..yippee!! If you're wondering, it's not your normal church choir. It's a praise team, and we sing a lot of mainstream music in addition to contemporay Christian. I love it.


Both boys have been really sick over the last week and a half. Landon ended up with strep throat, and Colin had one nasty virus. It lasted NINE days people. NINE frickin' days. I had the worst cabin fever I think I've ever had. Colin will finally be going back to school for the first time in a while tomorrow morning. I know that both of us are looking forward to it.


I think Kelly has strep now too. He's off to the Doctor after work tonight. God forbid I get it because you know, Mommies aren't allowed to get sick. So far so good (fingers crossed, knocking on wood.)


We have a really cool creek that runs through our new backyard. Saturday, we were outside and we met one of our neighbors. Nice guy with two girls and a SWIMMING pool! Gotta love that. He informed us that he has killed two, large, cottonmouth snakes in the time that they have lived here. Ask me how I feel about us playing in the backyard now. He did say that supposedly mothballs keep them away. I think I just may invest in a large quantity of them once Spring arrives. I wonder if the smell will keep the neighbor-kids away too after I coat the backyard with them?


The laptop has officially been given to someone else, so I'm back to the desktop computer which is in the basement. That means that I won't be on as often as before, which in all honesty, is probably a good thing.


I'm off to start on dinner. I have cooked a LOT in the last two weeks. YEAH for me! I can actually still do it! We've been turning on the 80's music while I cook and while we eat. It sure makes for a fun evening, although, my four year old now insists on making the family room into a mosh pit with his little brother. I keep telling him that was a 90's thing, but I just don't think he believes me.

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Cute little boy, but OneHung can't express his fear of snakes in words.