Tuesday, February 06, 2007

He's doing great!

I talked to Anita about 30 minutes ago and he is already trying to wake up!! She said that they are encouraging it, *but* he still needs to be on the ventilator. He's having a hard time with his carbon monoxide levels being a little high, and his blood pressure needs to come up. As soon as that happens, he will be off the the vent. He's connected to several tubes for various things such as drainage, and also is connected to a defibrulator (sp??) in case they need to shock his heart for any reason (let's hope they dont!).

Anita also told me that instead of using a human valve for the replacement, they used one from a COW!!! Huh?? It's not FDA approved, but obviously, they've done this many times before. The Doctor said that there is a far less chance of rejection with the bovine valve versus the human one. Crazy stuff!

She said he knows that they are there with him, and his color looks really great.

Awesome news to hear!!

They still need prayer, because the first 48 hours after the surgery are the most dangerous. Le'ts just hope he stays strong, and continues to improve as he has been!!!


maybetomorrow said...

Well wishes for your friend and their little one....

Melissa said...

That is wonderful news! I will continue to keep them in my thoughts and prayers!