Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Mini Superman....

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for my friend and her son Colin!! This little guy is bouncing back so quickly, you are going to be amazed!! Here are the latest updates on my new hero from Anita!

2.7.07 at 10:18am

Alrighty, where are we... Colin is doing wonderfully! They extubated him last night around midnight. He had to have some oxygen but that isn't unexpected. He is off of blood pressure medicine and hasn't had any problems with irregular heartbeats. They took all of his lines out this morning. All he has now is his chest tube and the I.V.s He's started taking liquids and just a bit ago had a popsicle. He is complaining about the tube and lines which is good. :-) The nurses say a complaining kid is a healthy kid. :-) They will be moving him to the general care floor later this morning. They plan to have him up walking tonight or in the morning if he is feeling up to it. The nurse seems to think if he continues improving like he is we will be home in five days. Its just a matter of when his chest stops draining and he feels better. They started him on a "water pill". The bypass machine causes inflammation of all the organs and make the body retain water. They are giving him that to help get rid of it. They orginally thought he may go home on it, but that doesn't seem to be the case. :-)
All those prayers are being answered. :-)

2.7.07 at 3:44pm

We are in our own room! Colin is still doing wonderfully. He still is on some oxygen, but we are going to try and take him off when he wakes up. They set him up some in the bed, but haven't had him out of it yet. As soon as he wakes up I'm going to get the nurse and we are going to put him in the chair. By tomorrow he'll be running the halls. :-) He's been sick to his stomach some, so he's not eaten since the popsicle, but that's okay. I've got some Jello for when he gets up. So hopefully he will eat that and feel better. He REALLY wants chocolate milk and donuts. :-) I can't wait to give them to him. Oh!! THere's a computer right next to his bed, so I can update the carepage while Colin is napping. This is wonderful! I was beginning to have computer withdrawl. Guess that is it.
I'll update when there is anything new.

Today at 7:56 am

Colin had a pretty good night. He was up once during the night and climbed in and out of bed by himself. His chest tube is still draining pretty good. It has to drain less than 50 for 24 hours before they will take it out. He is currently draining around 110. But that's okay. He is doing way better than we thought. He is still having tummy pains. We don't know if its from the morphine or from hunger. He hasn't eaten anything since Monday night, so I would think he'd be hungrey. I ordered him a ton of stuff for breakfast just to see if any of it would strike his fancy. The nurse is also going to see if we can switch him to a different drug. They are going to get him and walking some today. Colin wasn't interested in it earlier, but I think once he sees the playroom he will want to get up more. They've got a lot of really neat stuff in there. :-)
I guess that's all for now. :-)

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