Friday, February 16, 2007


Do you believe that Heaven can exist without a God?

I'll explain the reason for the question later...I don't want to sway your answers and I want to thoughtfully write out *why* I'm asking....

Have at!


BethGo said...

Are you kidding?

BethGo said...

Sorry about the above comment. I just can't even wrap my puny, sleep deprived brain around a question like that right now. I'd love to hear the story behind it though. Have a lovely weekend.

OneHungMan said...

Strange question. OneHung feels the concept of Heaven and God are not mutually exclusive.

See, Heaven is God's crib. It's where He lives and it's also where He performs his J-O-B. Sometimes, like when God's had enough he needs a "guy's night out" for like the whole weekend. When He leaves the crib, He puts Moses in charge and usually all hell breaks loose.

But to answer your question, no Heaven cannot exist without God. It's similar to the thought that if there was no Canadia, by rule, there could be no Canadians.