Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Presidential News Conference

For one thing, this always pisses me off because the 10 minutes of tv time I get where I'm not watching Jack's Big Music Show or Maggie and the Ferocious Beast is very precious to me.

The other reason that he pissed me off today is this:

Why is it that he kept reffering to decisions that HE has made? Why HE decided to do a certain thing (all of this referencing sending more of our troops to Iraq)?

I also want to add that I totally support our military personnel, but hearing about death after death gets a little tiring...and I haven't even lost a friend or a family member.

I don't follow politics normally (look at paragraph # 1 in this entry...most of what I read I see on the Yahoo short list of news for the day), but did I misunderstand things when I thought that we were not ruled by ONE person? Don't we have a Democratic process where things are supposed to be voted on by different groups of elected officials who are supposed to be the voice for the general public??

When did our country turn into a Dictatorship and ONE person was making decisions for all of us??

Was I giving birth at the time, because I guess I don't remember much after that.....?

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Mike said...

I share your frustration. The Decider should start becoming the Listener.