Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What the hell is wrong with our world?

This makes me absolutely sick.

Who the hell does this stupid kid think he is that he has any right to take human lives? How f*cked up can you be to go out and do something like this?? It takes me back to Columbine...I was actually teaching Spanish at a High School in Greenville at the time. Talk about a wake up call. I felt pretty safe up until that day.

I wonder about his parents too, not judging them, but wondering about the guilt that they are going to be left with after this tragedy. I bet they will ask themselves a million times over *what* they could have done differently.

I'm doing the best job I can to raise my boys, but whose to say that they would never do anything like this? I can only hope and pray that they won't, that they see and appreciate the value of life and the respect that we should have for it. I hope that I can instill that in them.

I pray for those families, and that community as they try to heal after this.

These are the things that almost make me feel guilty for bringing my children into the world.....

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OneHungMan said...

OneHung's first thoughts are about the parents. Any kid who's 18 is at about the maximum level for OneHung to be the parent.

OneHung raising a child from birth is an absolutely ridiculous thought, and he can only wonder what people will think when they read about YoungHung's exploits on the internet one of the days.