Monday, February 12, 2007

My next big adventure

The other day, my hubby asked me what I would like for Valentine's Day.

My response.

"A tattoo."

Yep...I'm headin' to the dark side people.

I'm not going to get anything big or where it will be readily available for the *world* to see, just something on my lower back. Something to add a little excitement to life (wink,wink!)

Hopefully I won't chicken out.

Update to follow soon.


andria said...

I want one on my big toe...sounds weird, but my friend got one and it always looked so cool when she wore sandals.

My husband isn't happy about it, but after birthing 3 kids I think I can do what I want with my body. Let me know how badly it hurts.

Im not getting one until I am done with the whole kid feeding thing. I want to get the Hep A vaccine beforehand, a friend contracted it getting one, it was a few years ago and I figure its all safer now, but you never know.

Lori said...

I've been researching them, and I've seen some on feet that I think are really, really, cool. If I like the first one I get...who knows, maybe I'll go for one more.

My friend just got one, and she said as long as you have someone there to keep you kind of distracted, it isn't all that bad. I'll let you know! :)